We cover Speed agility and quickness, Ball mastery, and passing/receiving,

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We cover speed agility quickness, ball mastery, passing receiving,movement on and off the ball, strong work ethic and confidence

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Advance Players

All intermediate skills plus passing/rec (on the ground and in the air)movement on and off the ball

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Private Training

We cover Speed agility and quickness, Ball mastery, and passing/receiving

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Welcome everyone to Elevate Soccer Skills Academy (ESSA).

ESSA is a soccer program that was developed to train today’s youth with the necessary skills that they will need to succeed. ESSA focuses on particular skills by expanding a player’s mind. We are able to do this by creating creative and high-level drills that challenge a player in all aspects of the game.

At ESSA our mission is to inspire, motivate, and give your player confidence to achieve their goals. Our mission allows us to target special attributes that a player will need for the rest of their lives. We have determined that with these 3 attributes, a player can go from good to great and from great to the greatest.

Although hard work is at the basis of what we do, it is not the only thing we focus on. At ESSA we create an inviting and supportive culture. It does not matter if your player is barely picking up the game or whether they have years of experience. We take everything into account when creating sessions.

Would you believe us if we said you could be competitive and have fun? At ESSA, both go hand in hand. By creating drills that allow each player to work hard and have fun, the natural instinct is to be competitive. This aspect of our program allows players to develop at a much faster rate. Competition is at the heart of soccer, but the best players learn to have fun and enjoy themselves on the field.

So, this all sounds great, but what do we expect in return? It is very simple. We want every player to come to practice ready to work hard. We do not want any players to put anyone else down because they don’t understand or cannot perform as well. We want a supportive environment and expect every player to inspire one another. Players can always learn something new and that does not always come from the coach.

The most important thing we expect is love and dedication. Every player should love the game and love what they do. This will allow them to become dedicated to the game. They will want to better themselves every day so that they can reach their full potential.

We do not expect anything without having expectations of our own. Our coaches are held to the highest standards in training. Coaches will always be on time and organized. Parents can expect them to create motivation sessions. This includes sessions that are creative and challenging. The number one thing that parents can expect is for the coaches to respect every player. We do not tolerate disrespect and we treat each player with equality and fairness.

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